2 days to go! NoPdxAntiCon is on!


Last night we got our final OK on all our bars in NoPo. In visiting all locations to do a final check in with owners, managers and tenders, all where surprisingly excited about the red sea that is coming their way on Saturday. One owner was decorating for the occasion.

Due to A-hole Santa’s and crazy bitches with head problems we are going to publish our map on Friday at some point…

Please remember if you plan to ride the MAX it cost $4.50 for the day! Dont be a douche’e Santa and fuck this up for the rest of us! 

So, if anyone knows how to get a Santa hat on Paul Bunyan, please let me know…..



Dont forget the 4 F’s…

The 4 F’s of Santacon:
–) Don’t fuck with kids: Santa’s here to spread cheer. Growing up in this culture is scarring enough. Please don’t make it any worse.
–) Don’t fuck with cops: They keep drunks like us safe. And they’ll arrest you, no matter what you’re wearing. That’s not fun.
–) Don’t fuck with security: Don’t steal. Don’t vandalize. Security will tell the cops it was the guy dressed like Santa. And that’s all of us.
–) Don’t fuck with Santa: We’re all here to have a good time. Can we focus on that?

Some links for you…
Santacon Carols 



3 Responses to “2 days to go! NoPdxAntiCon is on!”

  1. Santa Buh Says:

    i’m ready! let’s do it!

  2. Last night was fucking awesome! Thanks!

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