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Black Friday was so yesterday. Red Saturday is on the 5th!

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Maps are being created as I type…..

Q. “Santa, you say maps?”,

Why yes I did say maps….

Q. “Santa, is this a way to confuse us other Santa’s?”

Why no. Last year this Santa was only able to get an adult beverage at a couple of locations due to SOOOOOO many Santa’s showing up. This Santa tried to go to the next bar to get a drink, but so did 200 other smart Santa’s. Santa loves to brown bag it, but Santa also likes to have a beer or two with new friends.

This year this Santa thought it might be easier not only for me and you Santa (don’t forget the bar + staff) if we split up for a bar or three, and then come back together as a group. This way, AntiCon does not turn into what the downtown bars hate, 500 Santa’s trying to get a drink at one time. This will also let us spread the sea of red throughout the hood.

Q. “Santa, I’m not very good with time especially after a few _________ (drink or illegal substance of choice here), how am I to keep track?”

No worries Santa, we have Santa’s in place to help you stay on track.

The plan is to break up into groups after our first bar. From there everything is within 8 blocks of the yellow line.

Groups will look something like this:


These groups are separated into bar types. What you choose will be what you get.

Q. “Santa, what if my group is way lame?”

There are 5 groups and 5 maps there Sparky. Just go to another one…. Remember this is YOUR CON. Treat it and own it like its yours and it will give you great rewards.


Ho!Ho!Ho? How you do’en?

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All things come to those who wait!

Map is ready to go…. a few more check in’s with the bars and ‘other stops’ along the way and you may see it before that Turkey/Tofurkey is fully digested…

Until then…. sweet dreams of sugar fairies dancing in your head in hopes that St.-_________________ (your name) would soon be there…..

Ho Ho Ho Ho!

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Santa Says Relax
All in due time little Santa’s and Ho’s.