Ho!Ho!Ho? How you do’en?

All things come to those who wait!

Map is ready to go…. a few more check in’s with the bars and ‘other stops’ along the way and you may see it before that Turkey/Tofurkey is fully digested…

Until then…. sweet dreams of sugar fairies dancing in your head in hopes that St.-_________________ (your name) would soon be there…..


7 Responses to “Ho!Ho!Ho? How you do’en?”

  1. kim Kennedy Says:

    I would like to know if you will be hosting a Santa-con o Dec. 5,09 when,where & time and place?

  2. Hisses Santa Says:

    right now I’m just trying not to get sick, or to just let it happen and get it over with before the 5th. I’m doing the anticon in nopo this weekend because of the crappy weather last year.
    an no santa-back rides for me this year. that was an expensive incident!

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