The Maps Santas!


5 Different Maps for all you Santa’s wanting to be in the know…. these will not be printed out for you!

Dive Bar Route
Lombard Route
Tavern Route
Beer Route
Lounge Route

There you have it. If you see this Santa or any other one, why don’t you buy him or her a beer or two!

All bars (but one) have been warned of the sea of red coming their way.

Things I heard from the Bar Tenders.
“Last year’s crawl was by far the best and classiest crawl we have had here”
“Last year Santas were chill. You all are welcome here anytime”
“I have to get on your mailing list”
“There is no way you are getting that many Santas in here, but you can try”
“Can you ask the Santas not to puke in my bushes this year like he/she did last year?”
“What do you call the girl Santas”. “Ho’s?”. “Ya, I’m looking forward to them again”

“Can you remind the Santas to pay with cash?”

Guerilla-Decorating at Anticon


10 Responses to “The Maps Santas!”

  1. Please, as a resident of NoPo please make decorations tasteful, not just littering up our neighborhood. I love that you come, it’s a blast to see all the Santas about, but please respect our neighborhood. Thanks.

    • nopdxanticon Says:

      Many of us live here….. + I live here too, and so do most of the volunteers….. did you have an issue last year?

      Let us know a little sooner than a year after the fact…. the site is up year round and we get back to any questions hours after they are asked…


      Ps…. If you have any issues….let us know. Every Santa is responsible for what they do.

    • nopdxanticon Says:

      Also, please contact any of the 20+ businesses that have welcomed us back for the second year.

      NoPo Santa

      • I am sorry I said anything, like I said before, I love to see the santas.But I guess I said something wrong by asking that the decorations be tastefull, I am sorry. Honestly, meant nothing bad. I am glad all of the santas come to NoPo. Sorry, truely.

      • nopdxanticon Says:

        No worries. There are just a bunch of people who ask that something be done and there is only so much we can do. Santa’s take pride in the NoPo Con because it’s their Con. They know that if they F this one up like they did downtown…. well they will be looking at Hillsboro or Gresham (not that there is anything bad about those places) as the next location.

        Anyhow, no worries…

  2. where and when are we starting I can’t find the starting time or location on any maps

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jennie Fitzhugh, Santa. Santa said: Anticon is happening tomorrow This santa will be taking the Dive Bar route because it has the best herders! […]

  4. my photo’s from today.

    I didn’t make it to the whole event, I lost my friends and I think they took a different route then I…boo

  5. Will the Santas be back in North Portland Dec 19? The Overlook Restaurant would like to offer hors d’oeuvres to the north pole crowd. We love you guys!

    Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help Santa out!

    • nopdxanticon Says:

      Thanks Jim!

      I hope the Santa’s were good to you + Santa loves the Overlook!

      We hope that you were not overwhelmed due to a “karaoke bar” closing their doors to santa.

      Thank you Overlook!

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