You better watch out…

Dec 4, 2010. 12:30 At the Paul Bunyan.
As of this evening (11/5) NoPdxAnticon is ready to go!
Maps will be placed online the week of the event. All stops taking place just off the yellow line in North Portland.
***Please note, this is not Santacon, its NoPdxAnticon.

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A little something from last year…
NoPDX Anticon – North Portland Santacon – Portland from brewcaster on Vimeo.


11 Responses to “You better watch out…”

  1. how do i send an email to the organizers of nopdxanticon!?! thank you! -sarah

  2. this santa unfortunately had a prior engagement the night of the planning. oh well, i guess that just means more surprises this year! santa likes a good game of dodgeball, right?

  3. Will there be a list of bars and/or bar grouping game plans this year? Or a list of Santa do’s and don’ts?

    • nopdxanticon Says:

      Week of the event everyone will know what is happening. As for do’s and don’ts… use your head.

      • I just thought all the info that we got last year was funny. Whoever wrote it seemed really stoked and all about the spirit of Santa Drinky Day!

        In the meantime, I’ll rally the funny in my head instead.

      • nopdxanticon Says:

        All info was given the week of the event for the past two years. Be patient and you will be rewarded.
        Changes this year… we are doing 3 routs instead of 5 to keep Santa’s and bananas a little more together. Also a central meeting point on Mississippi so that we can all be together while we regroup to…
        I can tell you that with all the planning and businesses that are working with us, Im not sure that we will be able to top

  4. nopdxanticon Says:


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