Santa scribbled something down for you.
Think of this as the map.
3 Groups: Draft, Well and Top Shelf. I think you can figure it out from there…
Click to get full size and then print a few out.

NoPdxAnticon 2010

And don’t forget…

NoPdxAnticon Breakfast with Santa

If you want to help out a little, please print a song book out for caroling at 5.

So some have been ansking what about this bar and that bar…

Some bars do not want Santa. So sorry.

Bars that where nice about it;
Seravesa and Saratoga. Seraveza has the game going on and Saratoga will only have one bartender on at 3 (due to them being a late night spot) but looks like a totaly great place to hang out. Looks way better than when it was the U&I.

The Douche Bags;
Alibi. Not the staff but the owner. Santa will leave a small nub of coal for him this year under the tree.

There are more, but we will leve it at that.

What about Prost!?
Some santas broke glasses as well as walked out the door with them (as shown telivised nationaly showing Santa walking off with a full beer and glass). This year Barbar will be that hub. It has a bigger out door area, way better deals on drinks as well as free food (mini burgers) for Santa. There is also 2 other bars within 20 feet of each other. It makes more sence to keep us together.

Looking forward to seeing all of you tomorrow.


One Response to “Details”

  1. Just wanted to say that this was the first time we had ever done something like this and really enjoyed it.. Next year we will be more dressed though for the occasion!
    I have put up some of my photos on my facebook pages for all to see..!/album.php?aid=2104354&id=1282272882
    Enjoy and say hi to us when you check out the photos..
    Daryl and Jennifer

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