NoPdxAnticon Dec 3 2011

We will update info closer to the date… you can check out the FB page if you are feeling like you really need to…
If you would like to help, shoot me an email or contact me through the FB page.
As always, this is your con, treat it with respect and it will reward you.


6 Responses to “NoPdxAnticon Dec 3 2011”

  1. nopdxanticon Says:

    You ask whats up with the bananas? Bananarchy! Look em up…

  2. looking forward to my third anticon this year!

    spreading a little more “holiday” cheer: i’m a part of the Krampus Nacht Ball at the bossanova ballroom that’s happening that evening (starts at 8pm), and we’re hoping to serve as a little after-party for any santas who want to keep the festivities rollin’. info about the event, including tickets, DJs, etc can be found here:

  3. Will you guys be updating your location after you start or are we SOL if we can’t make it by 12:30pm? Thanks.

    • nopdxanticon Says:

      Santa Gene- A full map with locations and estimated times will be available later this week… or you can look for the sea of red.

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