One more day until…

In 1 day it begins. Please for the Santa waiting in line behind you as well as the bars, PAY WITH CASH.

Questions that have come in:

How much does this cost to attend?
$0, but if you want to be Santa like, a small toy for one of the 2 organizations collecting toys for the underprivileged in NoPo would be greatly appreciated.

Will there be routs as in the past?
Yes. Stickers will be handed out at the Paul Bunyan and we will post something online also. We have 3 main routs as in the past + places you can pick up ‘Santa walking drinks’ if needed.

Is this just a bar hop?
Kind of. Think of it as choose your own adventure.

Where is the culture jamming in this?
Again, choose your own adventure.
The Fred Meyers Bell wringer could use some help.
New seasons is having a cheese and holiday ale tasting.
The Max…

Do I have to buy a Max ticket?
Really? If you ride the Max, yes a ticket should be purchased.

What if I’m late?
It’s not mine! Oh… you’re talking about the Con. We will be posting our movement on Twitter (link above) and post stuff here. Sorry Santa’s personal number will not be given out.

Do we have to stay with a group?
All bars are expecting us… if you need to go ahead/stay behind there will be other Santa’s doing the same.

Whats up with the Bananas?
BananaCon is happening the same day. They will join our shenanigans for our first ever Santa vs Banana games to be held over on Killingsworth around 3:30-4’ish.

Dance again?
Yup, in a very minimal way. BarBar has given us their patio to do with as Santa pleases. We will have holiday music piped in, what happens from there is up to you Santa!

Do you need any help?
Sure. Down bellow there is a song book that if you printed a few copies to hand out, Santa would be very happy!

From here on out we will not answer anymore questions.

Please remember that this is your ‘con’. Treat it with respect and you will be rewarded greatly.


One Response to “One more day until…”

  1. Will there be a lost and found page for this year? I lost/someone picked up my purse Saturday night, none of the bars have it, and I’m hoping if Santa has it, he/she gets a conscious and returns the bag to me. Take all my cash if you like, please just return everything else and no questions will be asked. I can be reached via email at, or my address is on my driver’s license and the bag can just be left on my front porch at any time.

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