Santa Out!

Santa Out

First off we would like to thank all the people and businesses that made this happen.

Second thank you would be to the Santa’s who helped herd the masses without you this would not be half as fun or as organic as it is.

And lastly, as many of you know this will be the last NoPdxAnticon we do. The spirit of the Con has evolved since I began participating 9 years ago. People are making money organizing what they call Santacon and that’s not my thing.

NoPdx was started to bring Santa’s into NoPo and share my neighborhood, my neighborhoods bars, my neighborhoods food carts and my neighborhoods diversity. Please come back and visit when you have a chance.



4 Responses to “Santa Out!”

  1. I am sad that you no longer will be having this event. I hope you will change your mind by next December. I always seem to be working when this is going on and was hoping that maybe next year I might make it.
    But, you do so much good for the Kenton area, this is why you should continue. Yes there are other “Santa Pub Crawls” as such, but this is the real deal. You know it, the city of Portland know it, and those you help in Kenton know it. That is all that matters.

  2. Got any advice for someone trying to organize a themed pub crawl? We have no (nor are looking for) merchandizing or economical benefit, just a way to have a lot of people have a good time.

    • nopdxanticon Says:

      Just do it…

      What I do… Let people know what’s up before hand. Check in with the bars… Before and during to make sure all is good. Dont be a control freak but be assertive when needed…

      And Foster would be a great place to do your event.

    • Never tell people you are moving the pub crawl to Hillsboro. Best advice ever 🙂

      But seriously, Scotty is right (especially about talking to the bars in advance. Some are not cool with pub crawls and will turn them away, and others will extend happy hour prices or something for you).

      I would also add that you should walk the route yourself a few times. I usually grab some friends and do a pub crawl on the same day of the week and with the same schedule but a month or so in advance. That way you find out if there is some weird thing that you didn’t know about that would screw with your route (there isn’t much that can go wrong, but the few things that can are often hard to work around on the fly).

      Other advice … well, it seems that most drink stops naturally work out to around 45 minutes (about enough time for everyone to have one drink, and the first people through the door to have two). Any longer and people get restless, any less time and people don’t get a chance to enjoy it. Encourage people to bring cash, try to avoid scheduling a food stop at a place that requires silverware, and having some sort of shopping cart or something really comes in handy.

      And if you do a themed one, I suggest making it a theme that is flexible and open. Some people put a lot of time and money into costumes and some people don’t, and you will have a lot more fun if that divide does not become a social wedge.

      Feel free to email me if there is anything I can do to help.

      And Foster IS a great place to do a pub crawl.

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