December 7th 2013



NoPdxAnticon will be back for our 7th installment.
More info in the coming weeks.
Paul Bunyan 12:30pm


5 Responses to “December 7th 2013”

  1. Adam Simmons Says:

    I just posted this up on PNCA’s internal school website.

  2. Hey! This is Alex, the girl with the button shop. I wanted to donate some custom buttons to AntiCon if you would like them. Let me know!

    • nopdxanticon Says:

      I went by your place the other night to let you know… and no one was there… we’d love some buttons!

      I’ll bring by some beer this year… you got me last.

      • I’ve got some weird hours sometimes. Do you care what the buttons look like? I was thinking a drinking Santa and “NoPDX Anticon” with the year?

        Stoked! We’ll be rocking the Santa dance party at the shop again! You are totally welcome….but no bananas.

      • nopdxanticon Says:

        I like!

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