Updated Schedule for Dec 7th

Updated Schedule

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First off: PAY WITH CASH
Secondly: If you ride the Max… buy a ticket

A rough schedule for the first part of the day:

12:30 meet at Paul Bunyan

*Canned Food Drive Drop off point (E-San Thai in Kenton) Last year we came with 260 lbs of food!

*Kenton Station Annual Xmas Toy Drive. Please bring a toy for a boy or girl… for the cost of a beer you could bring a smile to a kid on xmas…

The Mayor moved out of his place. The tree in front of Kenton Station will have to make due…

12:30 Descend on Kenton (Kenton Station, World Famous Kenton Club, Tavern on Denver, Kenton Liquor store, E-San Thai and a new addition Parkside Pub with a fireplace)
Not a drinker? Look for Posies Coffee Shop

To busy at these places for you? Go to Lombard and Denver Area (Tiny Bubble Room, The Barn (always a party in the smoking area) and North Star Lounge)

1:30 Head south from Kenton
Go to Lombard and Denver Area (Tiny Bubble Room, The Barn (always a party in the smoking area), North Star Lounge or the Mouse Trap (1 blk west of tiny bubble room)

To busy at these places for? Head to Interstate and Portland Blvd/Rosa Parks (Nighthawk or to the Cockoo’s Nest on Denver and Portland/Rosa Parks)

Not a drinker? Look for Arbor Lodge Coffee They are also having a Micro Bazaar starting at 6 (info here https://www.facebook.com/events/173680136160688/?ref_dashboard_filter=calendar)

Chickpeadx falafel cart behind the home brew shop 1 block N of New Seasons (http://www.foodcartsportland.com/category/cuisine/middle-eastern-cuisine/falafel/)

2:30-3:00 Santa vs Banana Games at the Nighthawk. We are told that we will have 2 out door bars set up for us

3:30 Head South To Interstate and Killingsworth (Geroge’s)
Not a drinker? Look for Red E Coffee shop on Killingsworth just east of the freeway

Georges will be packed. Period. Head west on Killingsworth to Lucky Lab, Old Gold, Beaterville, Lost and Found and Atomic Pizza. Dance at Beaterville in this time period. Live music at 5.

Adult walking drink? Hope and Vine Bottle shop of The Plaid Pantry.

Bus service will start around 4:30 with stops at Old Gold area, TARDIS Room, Mississippi and Shaver, the Max stop at Skidmore and then loop around for at least 2 hours. $2 to ride.

5:00 Dance at the TARDIS Room. Taking over a heated back patio…

To busy at the TARDIS Room? Head to Ducketts just East.

Need a warn non alcoholic drink? Look for Red E Coffee shop on Killingsworth just east of the freeway

STAY AWAY FROM SERAVEZA. They dislike Santa almost as much as the Alibi and Prohst! Look for the Santa hater image in their window.

6-6:30 Mississippi Bar Bar, Moloko Plus, Crow Bar, Bridgetown Bottle Shop, Side Car and the Shanty under Modern Man.

Taxi service will be available starting around 8pm. Radio Cab, Green Cab and Portland Taxi will be in the hood just for Santa.

At some point head back to the Dancing Bare.

There are many bars in-between what we have here… Most of them know we area in the hood.

Boom! Ho!


2 Responses to “Updated Schedule for Dec 7th”

  1. It’s the TARDIS room, not the Tartis room. Time And Relative Dimension In Space (T.A.R.D.I.S.). Also known as The Fish and Chip Shop.

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