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Were back….

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A rough schedule of the first half of the day…

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First off: PAY WITH CASH
Secondly: If you ride the Max… buy a ticket

A rough schedule for you all:

12:30 meet at Paul Bunyan
*Canned Food Drive Drop off point (going to neighborhood house:

12:40 decorate the Mayors house (no loose tinsel please)

1:00 Descend on Kenton (Kenton Station, World Famous Kenton Club, Tavern on Denver, Kenton Liquor store)
Not a drinker? Look for Posies Coffee Shop

*Kenton Station Annual xmas Toy Drive. Please bring a toy for a boy or girl… for the cost of a beer you could bring a smile to a kid on xmas…

To busy at these places for you? Go to Lombard and Denver Area (Tiny Bubble Room, The Barn (always a party in the smoking area) and North Star Lounge)

2:00 Head south from Kenton
Go to Lombard and Denver Area (Tiny Bubble Room, The Barn (always a party in the smoking area) and North Star Lounge)

To Busy at these places for? Head to Interstate and Portland Blvd/Rosa Parks (Nighthawk or to The Office (old Saratoga))
Not a drinker? Look for Arbor Lodge Coffee

2:30-3:00 Santa vs Banana Games at the Nighthawk. We are told an out door bar will be set up for us.
*Canned Food Drive Drop off point ((going to neighborhood house:

3:30 Head South To Interstate and Killingsworth (Geroge’s… and The Tardis Room)
Not a drinker? Look for Red E Coffee shop

To busy for you? Why not try Old Gold (west) or Ducketts (east)?

3:30-4:00 DJ banana spins some Electro Funk @ The Tardis Room (they are giving us their space for 3 hours… happy hour prices on just about everything.

5:00 Head south to The Black Cat (Overlook knows we are coming but…) or head East to Ducketts and/or Red Fox

6:30 Meet on Mississippi. Bridgetown Bottle Shop now has a bar! Moloko, Crow Bar, Sidecar and BarBar are expecting us. Radar (the new soccer bar) might be having a soft opening… if they are, give them a break.

Sometime after 9 head to the Max or Stop by The Black Cat for a quick one… then The Dancing Bare.


Dec 3rd

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Need to know the latest:

NoPdxAnticon Dec 3 2011

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We will update info closer to the date… you can check out the FB page if you are feeling like you really need to…
If you would like to help, shoot me an email or contact me through the FB page.
As always, this is your con, treat it with respect and it will reward you.

A rough idea

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Some things to keep in mind…copied from the UK Santacon

1-The “route and schedule” is open to liberal interpretation by Santa at all times. There is no head Santa in charge to call. If you can’t show up for the start or get lost, get the mobile number of someone who can help you catch up later. Depending on the year there may be guiding Santas, flags to follow or some technological Santanav system, or you may wish to come up with your own idea to help Santae find their way.

2-Santa dresses for all occasions. It’s December. Smart Santas wear layers. Dress to maximize merriment whether singing christmas carols in the snow, or dancing manically in the shopping centre.

3-Santa doesn’t whine! We will be outside much of the early day and covering a lot of ground on foot – bring a bottle of water and enough “snacks” to keep your pie-hole filled until we get indoors.

4-Bring small gifts – NAUGHTY gifts to give grown ups; NICE stuff to give kids. Visit a pound shop, wrap up coal, sweets and brussels sprouts; Santa loves stickers, hug vouchers and mistletoe.

5-Watching Santa get drunk can be fun. Babysitting Santa while they vomit in an alley or breaking up fights is not. Don’t be that Santa. You are responsible for yourself! Pace your drinking and be nice to your fellow Santa.

6-Twisting the Christmas paradigm until it screams for mercy is fun! Getting arrested is not. Have your own special surreal fun, but DON’T F*CK IT UP FOR THE REST OF US. Santas do not destroy property, steal merchandise, or do harm to others. The authorities and local businesses usually take Santa’s antics in the loving, festive spirit that Santa intends, if we are nice to them.

NoPdxAnticon Breakfast with Santa

You better watch out…

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Dec 4, 2010. 12:30 At the Paul Bunyan.
As of this evening (11/5) NoPdxAnticon is ready to go!
Maps will be placed online the week of the event. All stops taking place just off the yellow line in North Portland.
***Please note, this is not Santacon, its NoPdxAnticon.

Facebook us!

A little something from last year…
NoPDX Anticon – North Portland Santacon – Portland from brewcaster on Vimeo.

2009 NoPdxAnticon Images

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Thank you to all Santas, Elves, Reindeer, Robots, Pirates, Bananas and Ho’s! + the 120+ Santas that danced to Michel Jackson at Ducketts! (I know there is video of this). This one will go down in the books. Not sure the exact number of Santas, but feel its safe to say over 1000 of us took over NoPo!

+++ Did anyone notice the lack of presence of the Portland Police Department as well as any news crews? Ho! Ho! Ho?

On a sour note… if you were the Santas that tried to duck out on a large bill at Lovely Hula Hands…. we are looking for you. We work hard to not only organize these events but try hard to create relationships with the communities and businesses we have events in and around. You are the reason the downtown bars do not want us there any more. You are the kind of people that give our events a bad name. There are a few very angry Santas that would like to have a word with you.

Images coming in:

Please join our Flickr group and add your images to the collection! Here….

Please tag them with ‘NoPdxAnticon’ so we can see the fun!


On iTunes look for Art Mann Presents for a 30 minute show on NoPoAnticon televised on Christmas eve on HG.Net TV. Short clip here.

Santas gathering at Paul Bunyan
On the go! With Bo!
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3



Also…. Sam Adams Twitter images + Tweets

Periodicals (now a dead link)

Black Friday was so yesterday. Red Saturday is on the 5th!

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Maps are being created as I type…..

Q. “Santa, you say maps?”,

Why yes I did say maps….

Q. “Santa, is this a way to confuse us other Santa’s?”

Why no. Last year this Santa was only able to get an adult beverage at a couple of locations due to SOOOOOO many Santa’s showing up. This Santa tried to go to the next bar to get a drink, but so did 200 other smart Santa’s. Santa loves to brown bag it, but Santa also likes to have a beer or two with new friends.

This year this Santa thought it might be easier not only for me and you Santa (don’t forget the bar + staff) if we split up for a bar or three, and then come back together as a group. This way, AntiCon does not turn into what the downtown bars hate, 500 Santa’s trying to get a drink at one time. This will also let us spread the sea of red throughout the hood.

Q. “Santa, I’m not very good with time especially after a few _________ (drink or illegal substance of choice here), how am I to keep track?”

No worries Santa, we have Santa’s in place to help you stay on track.

The plan is to break up into groups after our first bar. From there everything is within 8 blocks of the yellow line.

Groups will look something like this:


These groups are separated into bar types. What you choose will be what you get.

Q. “Santa, what if my group is way lame?”

There are 5 groups and 5 maps there Sparky. Just go to another one…. Remember this is YOUR CON. Treat it and own it like its yours and it will give you great rewards.