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You better watch out…

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Dec 4, 2010. 12:30 At the Paul Bunyan.
As of this evening (11/5) NoPdxAnticon is ready to go!
Maps will be placed online the week of the event. All stops taking place just off the yellow line in North Portland.
***Please note, this is not Santacon, its NoPdxAnticon.

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A little something from last year…
NoPDX Anticon – North Portland Santacon – Portland from brewcaster on Vimeo.


2009 NoPdxAnticon Images

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Thank you to all Santas, Elves, Reindeer, Robots, Pirates, Bananas and Ho’s! + the 120+ Santas that danced to Michel Jackson at Ducketts! (I know there is video of this). This one will go down in the books. Not sure the exact number of Santas, but feel its safe to say over 1000 of us took over NoPo!

+++ Did anyone notice the lack of presence of the Portland Police Department as well as any news crews? Ho! Ho! Ho?

On a sour note… if you were the Santas that tried to duck out on a large bill at Lovely Hula Hands…. we are looking for you. We work hard to not only organize these events but try hard to create relationships with the communities and businesses we have events in and around. You are the reason the downtown bars do not want us there any more. You are the kind of people that give our events a bad name. There are a few very angry Santas that would like to have a word with you.

Images coming in:

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On iTunes look for Art Mann Presents for a 30 minute show on NoPoAnticon televised on Christmas eve on HG.Net TV. Short clip here.

Santas gathering at Paul Bunyan
On the go! With Bo!
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3



Also…. Sam Adams Twitter images + Tweets

Periodicals (now a dead link)

Hours Away Santa

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Please remember that if you are riding the max you will need to buy a ticket. Day tickets are $4.75 which I think will get you on the bus system also is a great investment for the day.

Don’t be a douche and get caught with out one…. think of the kids that may be watching Santa get thrown off and then ticked (it was $94) for fare evasion.

Please only cross the Max line at designated areas…. again, kids don’t need to see a Santa getting hit by a Max.

Lets have some fun today!